You can run, but you can’t hide

It's been a while. A lot of has happened since I last posted. Change is a tricky thing.  It comes and goes.  Sometimes it sticks, sometimes it fades, and sometimes it never comes.  I've changed quite a bit in almost two years, but I haven't changed, at the same time. I fail daily when it … Continue reading You can run, but you can’t hide


Faith and trust, and a lot of patience.

Back in mid-August, I was unceremoniously let go from my job. This was the very job that I had accepted as my "forever job."  Not only was it filled with wonderful, godly people, but it was a steady, full time, salary job.  A "big girl" job. I can still remember the full-bodied numbness that crushed … Continue reading Faith and trust, and a lot of patience.

Washed Anew

I have carried a weight that has brought my heart down to the depths of the blackest spots of my soul.  That weight has kept me there, blocking out the one light worth knowing. I usually try to keep my posts rich with scripture, because I want everything I do to make Him greater.  But, … Continue reading Washed Anew

Bruce Jenner Is Not A Hero

I completely agree with this. Well said and well done!

Illuminating Truth

I generally try to steer clear of controversial issues on here. Most are so deeply embedded in presuppositions that writing about them generally just generates more anger and frustration than meaningful discussion. However, I never want to shy away from speaking something that needs to be said even if I know it is not something people want to hear. So, I want to talk about Bruce Jenner.

Today, Bruce Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, dressed as a woman and introducing himself to the world as “Caitlyn Jenner.” You see, he has decided that he is a woman and that by saying it and probably some very extensive surgery, he can make it so. In today’s world, we think gender is something we get to choose, like our career path or our clothes. So, people across the nation have lauded him as a hero. Certainly, this is the…

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